Theo And Benny

Take a few minutes…

It is a nice story in these current times.

I believe Theo has his priorities in perfect order; a two year old boy has more sense than a lot of the adults that are roaming the planet right now.

I did my usual surf of the newsfeed this morning after opening my search engine. The nearing presidency is taking up much of the room within the feed, while the wild weather across our planet takes up much of the rest. In between, stories of how to “improve yourself” tug at your need to be more (or less) than you are, with indirect hints of figurative sales pitches.

In the midst of the numbing methods the media uses to bring anxiety, I ran across Theo and Benny. The little boy has befriended a plastic skeleton. His simple young mind seems to see the decoration as a friend to spend his time with. The instilled kind-heartedness of his little immature stature wants nothing more from Benny than a friend to share with. He just wants, probably unknowingly, to share the love of God that is currently still within his young being.

I viewed “Benny” as a metaphorical symbol this morning. After reading about our, ahem… potential two candidates for leadership of our country, I saw something within the faux skeleton outside of it being just a Halloween decoration, or a friend of a boy. A model of what is really inside of us is what I saw. I saw the true structure that holds us up, with no flesh and no mind. It occurred to me that I, just like every other person I’ve spent my time reading about this morning (the wise, humbled, ridiculous, misguided and confused) am nothing more than a skeleton that is held together by fibrous tissue. I am nothing more than a sardine can of skin, packed with flesh. I have a little brain and complex body that performs wonderous miracles. I have abilities that defy definition, which science has yet to explain. I am created by some unknown Creator. I’m just like Benny. I’m just like little Theo.

What I am not like is both of them.

Too much has happened since being two. Growing has turned me into a middle-aged man, resulting in that which has stripped away those simple ways of viewing the world. Friendships are not as easily obtained because of others growing in their own ways. If I were Benny, and someone of two years was to befriend me, then we would find that simplistic granger. I’m polluted by life. I’m a product of the time I’ve had.

Looking through this morning’s news has its consequences, that is, if I allow it to. It is easy to fall prey to the garbage our media upholds, as well as what those involved in the headlines display.

To see a boy, young and carefree, befriending a replica of what we truly are underneath the polluted flesh, was a reflection of what we usually fail to shoot for: Humbleness and compassion towards all others. In the time we were very young, we were kind. In the time we are growing, we are complex. When we return to only bone, we are silenced. Only then are we capable of being unconditional.

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