For ‘Good’ Reason

Simply put, in my personal perspective, some people are bored as hell.

I don’t know why I drift towards reading the posts of a man whom I no longer follow, but I do. I guess it is because of his need to destroy the world with his judgment? I really can’t stand to see a mere man pointing the finger at everyone while thinking that his reasoning is always reasonable. Most of the other bloggers I follow only write from their hearts, and that’s what I truly appreciate about reading their posts.

But, I gravitate towards the ugly at times. It may be hard to understand for some, but purposely shoving my nose in the business of what I consider, a waste of a blog written by a very bitter man, is teaching me many things. Things not only about myself, life and others, but also about the realities we are all facing.

Perhaps I should stop focusing so much on the man and give him a break. After all, we are all pretty screwed up in our own ways. The difference is this man’s constant and purposeful ruffling of feathers. Mind you, he has a Christian blog. Within his blog, he will sway back and forth with posts about the love of Christ, later prodding others with controversial posts that are sure to stir up drama…

Yes, drama. Drama is for bored, small-minded people!

Why on earth world anyone who claims such a prestigious position within the Body of Christ (naming his blog Reasoned Cases For Christ) write posts about topics that are sure to get under one’s skin? If he is such a mature man and Christian, as he claims, then why does he do it?

Is it because he’s bored? Is that why?

If we are to stop and really be ambassadors of Christ, then we need to keep spreading His love. Lately….no….for a great while, the guy has been too full of himself to see the big picture of what and who the Lord is. He can talk the talk and quote the Scripture, but he (often) misses the message. I would tend to believe that he may truly be hearing from God if he would stop bashing the world with shaming posts.

As I had mentioned, the guy is teaching me a lot about myself, life in general and others. Also, he has helped me to see a very true fact of life: We are what we consume. I don’t know why the man is the way that he is, but knowing a little about my own life, my personal hypothesis reveals the deep-rooted pain that lingers — probably from past events — in his life restrains him. Either that, or he just needs to get out of his box of distorted, confined thinking. I can honestly say, not everything he says is of, “good reason.”

In a world that is so consumed by slow decay, we should all try to feed on things that edify. Spreading hoarded bitterness, because he or she is not taking steps to fix their own inner moral damages, only proliferates more negatives for others to ingest.

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