Silence is best at times.

I haven’t been writing as much. The life outside of a small screen has had so much to show me.

Recent times have brought about a calling to see just how quiet I can become. Is it what they call, “zen?” I’d say so. My wife and I just took a very long drive through three states, admiring the natural beauty of the Smoky Mountains. We saw all of the rustic Autumn colors with an endless backdrop of blue above, accentuating its calm. We viewed the wildlife and spaciousness. We took in every breath with thanksgiving. We truly saw the craft of our loving God.

It was silence that withstood between those spaces along our way, speaking to me / us in ways that were paramount. We left out all that was necessity back in our life at home. We, silently, sensed each mile.

The world is busy. The mind can be. Silence should definitely be understood.

One thought on “Emptied

  1. There’s something about driving and observing while driving, it makes me fe feel like I’m in the Spirit. It’s very soothing.
    Much Peace and Love to you and yours.

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