It was nice spending some time with the family tonight. Christmas has now come and gone, but the headlines just read had an impactful message that I am still trying to wrap my head around.

Another bomb in Nashville, TN, on Christmas Day, was the story. Trump playing golf, avoiding the necessities, as usual. Covid-19 hospital workers sacrificing their time away from families in order to comfort those on the edge of death. Travesties. Heartaches. Overlooked heroes.

A few reminders of just how bent we can become. We focus on things that consume us to the point of becoming volatile, completely self-centered, and what seems to be rare in this day and age, compassionate.

What possessed someone to craft a bomb with the hope of it harming? What persuades our President to “tweet” and play fucking golf all of the time instead of growing up and being a leader? Why can’t we be more like the ones who sacrifice their imperfect lives in order to comfort someone else’s?

The things that bend us out of the shape of good fruits and into the decay of the bad…

What a world.

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