Our Peaceful Land

Wonderfully crafted food for thought is what we Americans seem to thrive upon…

Although, it is far from wonderful!!

The end-of-year holidays have me indoors for longer periods than usual. I have appreciated the goodness of spending time with my family and resting from labors, but the news has entered my periodic divisions of boredom. Mornings consist of feeding myself the many different views and, I suppose, the facts as I surf through the headlines. Political issues take up a great portion of those little windows of interest. It is very difficult to ignore the news about Trump as they appear within them. He is the topic of interest, unfortunately.

I personally believe that if you still support the guy, then you must have pulled the wool over your eyes in order to avoid the facts: Ignorance, immaturity, poor leadership skills, and temper tantrums because of a lost election. Just naming a few facts had that, “food for thought” churning within me this morning. I care about my country and its welfare, and I am so disappointed with the actions of The Head of it.

It is difficult to feed upon things that bring peace. The world has very little to choose from, in a sense. The media will fill your brain with topics that divide, create drama, or make one feel inferior. The media is full of lies that are difficult to debunk because of predispositions and limited access to means of scrutiny; key factors in finding what is the real deal. Even as I seek that peace (that I dig to find, intensely), I find even more division. I do look to God, but Christians can’t agree, so I stay away from talk with them about God. It seems that they all have a different view, and the uphold their personal view with all that they are. Even though our facts about God are limited, they still know the truth? Much like the media, I can positively say.

Just have another observation to share this morning. Hell, if we are conditioned to read garbage, feel free to read mine, too! Being settled in on a lazy morning is showing me just how far down the wrong trails we can journey just by feeding upon the wrong nourishment. It warps the brain, causes the ego to think much more of itself than it really is, and it contorts the peaceful soul into a confused and one-sided hotshot.

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