Not This Year!

A New Year’s resolution will be a goal that many will latch on to in the coming days. Perhaps you will lose the extra pounds, be a better person in some way, save money, et cetera. Although I find it a bit silly to wait until a certain date on a calendar to make a personal change, people are people.

I am–right now–going to promise myself to not get caught up within the coming drama that is going to hit the fan when political oppositions wreak havoc upon our America. I have never seen anything like what is going on within the country like is has this past year. Instead of listing all of the issues, I’ll just name the primary: Trump and Biden! Two different views, two opposing groups of representatives, and many separate, intensely critical, droves of unbelievably crazy supporters. I am overwhelmed lately with just how ridiculous people are with their reasoning and unsupported conclusions. A nasty year is probably coming. Unfortunately, and even though I am saying I will not get caught up in the crap that will hit the fan after Biden takes office, I guarantee something will try to kill my peace. I do love my country, but it is mainly the people not being able to control themselves that irks me.

Instead of starting a new year, which begins in just a few hours here, with an attitude that reflects the ignorance and childish dowdiness of a number of people across America due to an elect, I think I’ll put on my big boy pants. I think the goal to keep in mind will be simple: be classy, not trashy. Executing that will take some work, but I think I’ll just reflect on what happened this year in America to remind myself of just how destructive it is and can be.

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