The following is a personal testimony. This testimony is intentionally being placed within categories that Christians frequently post, with the intent of many of them realizing how I personally view many of the writings found within.

I will start by saying that I will be direct and blunt within my testimony. Honesty is the best policy. With that, I will not be pointing fingers directly at certain individuals, because we are all only human and we all make mistakes. Although, as I continue, I have to warn the reader that my words will probably cause a few readers to wonder if I am speaking of them. Hey, if the shoe fits in your own eyes…

I recently posted a writing that touched on the importance of granting others grace and not allowing myself to get caught up in the imperfections of others. Sticking my nose in political news was the culprit. As many could easily understand, as an American, I am concerned with the actions of the leaders of our great land. In relation, I am concerned with how confessing Christians profess their faith in a condescending and judgmental way. Sometimes we have to express what needs to be said.

Anyone familiar with the Bible can see that the Old Testament and New Testament appear to be very different. In the beginning, God loves. As time goes on, angels and man turn their back on God. God gets mad, the world falls apart, and here we are, with a Savior to get us back to the love of God. I know that someone is just itching to correct me and define my understanding of the Bible, but these words are just for the gist of my point. I know a bit more than I need to explain. What I will be explaining is how difficult is is for me to understand the need for Christians to chastise other Christians, knowing that not one of us are any different! If we are all sinners, then why do we act as if we have no sin and have the right to beat others with the widely misunderstood and poorly misinterpreted Bible? It goes deeper than that, when one considers the multitudes of versions of the Bible there is and takes those words and beats people into submission. Add ego and we have a huge, very humanistic predicament!

One question for all confessing Christians: How do you know you are correct in what you are putting out here for other Christians to absorb?

When I was growing up, some very unhealthy traits were instilled within my developing mind. I was not taught to follow, not encouraged to be part of a team, not loved in a manner that many are blessed with, and I did not attend a church. In hindsight, I am thankful for those experiences. I used to loathe when reflecting upon these things, but I am now content within my current place. Many writings over the past few years here at W.P. have helped me to process my own frustrations and torments within myself due to these listed shortcomings of my past. I have shared my transparency with the hope of others finding something within themselves that would possibly aid in them healing in some way. With my transparency has been that straight-forward bluntness that most cannot handle without believing that I have a lot to learn. My experiences were not like many within the Church, and I feel that perhaps God has shown me many truths while being outside of these things that many take for granted, or are conditioned to. I’m a natural skeptic, and maybe my upbringing had a hand in this? I like being able to read between the lines, and I know that having to do things on my own taught me how to do so. So, being the way that I am, I voice many facts that others only think but are afraid to say. I am not afraid to say that many of you Christians have unresolved, personal damages within your life that inadvertently show up within your convictions, as well your choices when voicing personal experiences with our (or, your interpreted) Creator.

Since taking a place here at W.P., many “Christians” have picked some very heavy stones to gracefully toss at my head. Also, I have seen just how twisted many Christians are within their beliefs. Honestly, I don’t like the reputation of Christianity after being here. After reading many posts within the categories relating to Christianity, as well as the man-made facets, such as denominational divisions and their segregated spins, I understand why many would not want to have anything to do with us. We are painting a picture that doesn’t look anything like Jesus. We are making it about us instead of about the reconciliation God has provided.

Take a look at yourself today, Christian. Are you truly like the Savior you follow?

One thought on “Beatdown

  1. If 2.5 billion people would love as Jesus loves, pretty sure the world be a better place.
    The song “Love somebody” by the Bee Gees was once used to show me that I don’t love as Jesus loves.
    I’m working on it and I will never think to myself again that only homeless people are looking for something for the cost of nothing.
    You’re right Damon, we’re all guilty and Gods’ grace isn’t a license to act like we’re not.
    Jesus made this clear when He proclaimed that “there are none good except God alone”

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