The World Isn’t Kind

If it were up to me, I would keep my mind shut off from the constant battle between…good and evil?

I really cannot say what has transpired in recent weeks, but there is a residual feeling of uneasiness that has been hanging over my head. Sometimes it is difficult to say with certainty that it is an attack of the supernatural (i.e. Devil), but something inside of me takes hold of the joy of my world and shakes it up.

Everyone goes through moments and/or periods like the one I am experiencing. These very moments are no stranger to me. Medications, methods of managing my depression and anxiety, such as meditation and practices of mindfulness, and–being completely honest–a diminishing practice of prayer, have all aided in getting me through times like this. These moments always come about, rear their pains and then fade into the past. But, the past few weeks have had a grip that won’t let me just be at peace with myself. Is it the Election? Is it my blood family with its constant and persistent turmoil? Is it just me searching for something to be disappointed about because of the past learned behaviors that I am so accustomed to; digging for disappointment?

I have no idea??

Sometimes this mind of mine just needs a rest. Maybe I just need a break from the world I know? The only way I know how to do so is to keep observing the realities that enter and just…

and just??

This battle always between self: Good and Evil. Constantly, in between the two.

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