Every Degree

Noticing the pride we all share had me thinking about the degrees in which it affects us, both personally and as a whole.

After reading a few words from another blogger, I took some time to clear my mind. Thoughts of the varying degrees of one’s personal value of self, both inwardly and outwardly, and with both negative and positive connotation, provided necessity to have a long discussion with that guy I see in the mirror. The blogger–a person whom I suspect is a few steps above the majority–hit on a few topics that were, obtrusively, a reflection of their own imperfections. The chosen topic and opinion voiced within the post screamed pomposity. It was almost as though no other view was correct, or welcomed. I believe I had correctly read between the lines, though. Lots of insecurities at their root, I suspect. 

I had to really think about this for a while…

Every single person on this planet has the varying degree of this emotional state. Some of us truly suck while strutting our stuff, while others are far more humble. Ever since Lucifer (as the story goes) was kicked out of God’s presence, we have all followed along in his proud grandiosity. His work is in us all upon this earth. To add, this may be a strong argumentation within my own battle with faith? Too many topics and battles could arise within me if I were to get into it. As I digress, the fact remains: We are all caught in the snares of pride.

If you were to take a good look at yourself today and observe just how your personal satisfactions alter the world in which you live, what would the results be?

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