Fraidy Cat

As I watch the world pass by, I wonder why people are so afraid of themselves?

I’ve been hung up on this “pride” thing, lately. After recently writing posts relating to the pride we all possess, I have been going over the topic in my head all week. I keep coming back to this question of why most people appear to be insecure and afraid of their own persona.

Now, hear me out. It may look like a personal attack, but all of this goes for me as much as anyone else. As I have been working throughout the week and noticing the personal choices of my co-workers, it had often occurred to me that we all are fighting a battle within ourselves. That battle is the pride thing I had mentioned. It was this environment–one that I spend a lot of time within–which provided the basis for my observation.

We, as individuals, have a driving force to be correct. Even if we aren’t, most times we still are. As I talked to people, noticed the responses and feedback from others, looked at myself throughout the week and sat in the morning seat of introspect, it was so clear: We truly are afraid of accepting the hard truths about ourselves. With this, nine times out of ten we are afraid of letting our prideful guard down. Why is this? I don’t know for sure, and it goes without question that it varies for each person, but why is it so hard for people to give up what they know is destructive to the well-being of themselves and others?

Pride, that’s what.

If we could all take a little more time, whenever possible, to sit with ourselves and figure out what the facade masking our caring, loving spirit is constructed of, then maybe we wouldn’t be so scared of ourselves. Maybe then we could have better relationships with others as well as with ourselves. Putting on a front to be liked, protected, healed from the past, et cetera, is just part of a personal ego trip. One that makes us less than what we could be.

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