Creative Perspective

Never being one to get too involved in things that distract me from the natural world has been a beautiful way to live life.

Isn’t life beautiful? Many would surely disagree. If one were to look at the media, listen to the conditioned voice of fear that is so prominently gripping the way we view ourselves and our worlds, understandably, little beauty would be recognized.

But really, isn’t this beautiful?

Is it just some clouds in the rising sun’s light, or is it more than that to you?

I believe a Creator crafted magnificence for all of us to enjoy. Yet, we are distracted from it. As we squander our technological advances, fill the mind with the internal and external wars, edge away from the arts that were once so much a part of who we were for thousands of years, we lose sight of those natural gifts of our Creator. We are part of that same magnificence I was fortunate to capture within these photos…

So often we forget to enjoy the beautiful life we are all a part of. We can create our distractions, or we can create the same beauty God has given us. It’s all about perspective. It’s about choosing wisely.

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