God For Sale

I’m beginning to understand God a bit more via the works and beliefs of a delusional religious man and his faithful followers.

Unfortunately, a self-proclaimed “prophet” has been in and out of my interests as of late.

I was introduced to Curt Landry through a friend. The friend was forwarding me video links a pushy co-worker had been sending him. He and I could do nothing more but laugh out loud at his starry-eyed ignorance, as well as Curt’s! If you are not familiar with Curt Landry, look the guy up. He is a far right-wing evangelist who claims that he has prophetic visions and messages from God himself. Although, over and over, he has failed to accurately prophesy.

My curiosity has had me bent on watching social media videos of this guy saying that Trump would and did win the presidency (keep in mind, this was before the 20th of January), even though Pence had already ceremonially announced the electoral counts that officialized Biden’s win. Then, good old Pastor Curt stood before an audience and said that he would be standing with Trump as he was sworn in for his second term, which we all know never happened. I had later watched several other self-proclaiming Prophets say the same.

Well, I guess God lied.

I believe with everything in me that God knows exactly what this life is all about, why things go down the way they do and just who will be in a worldly position (President of the United States) at any given time. These crazy people who think they hear from God, as well as their backers, are nothing more than delusional charlatans that need psychological help. They are either completely out of their minds, or know exactly how to get sheeple to follow their lies. It amazes me just how dumb many people who are confessing Christians can be when they place men on pedestals and believe that they are ordained by a…lying God…?

A God who “told them,” the truth!!??

The understanding of God has been revealed to me through this crazy kook and his entourage. That revelation is this: Only God knows the truth of why things are the way they are. Only He knows the true reality of this life we know. Anything more than this fact is just as delusional as Curt Landry and the mere men like him.

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