Perspective is so distorted by an individual’s fear, I am finding.

For a great majority of my own life, fear played a huge part. It was always there. It had its say no matter what aspect or time period of my youth had manifested. These times are remembered with great vividness. Fortunately, there is a contrast now that looks nothing like those old days. I decided to stop living in fear and get to the bottom of why I had that crippling emotional problem. It took a lot of work. A lot of work.

For weeks now I have been observing the way others are handling their own fears. Taking a look at comments and posts on social media sites, reading blogs and listening while conversing with others has been teaching me many things. Perhaps I have the upper hand to recognize fear while doing these things because of my quest to figure out my own? In my observations, people are very fearful. It drives them in more ways than they are aware of; than they want to acknowledge, or know but just ignore. There is also, unfortunately, many who use it for attention.

If you read my latest posts, you will see that I have been very discouraged by men and women who blindly follow self-proclaimed prophets. I am sick of these men and women flat out lying to the masses. It irks me to see so many support these deceiving people who use the Bible to back and pad their personal views, and, in extreme cases, their claims of God telling them that their personal views are undisputed truths. Long story short, those who spread the lies, as well as those on the receiving end who support the lies, live in an undefined fear. Somewhere inside of all of them is a fear of finding out the real truth, so they cling to what makes them comfortable. More people have psychological maladies than they’d like to face. Maybe you know one? Are you one?

Everyone deserves to find peace, and I can tell you first hand that peace does not come from believing lies. It does not come from hoarding and coddling fears. It does not come from convincing one’s self of lies. If more people could and would find a way to face their personal fears, their perspective would inevitably take on a more lucid nature.

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