Hurtful Truth

I’m the crazy one?

Being diagnosed with psychosis isn’t sometimes easy for the recipient. It takes a lot to admit that something may be a little off within the brain and that one would benefit from medications. I’m one of them, and I can assure you that getting past the initial pride that opened the door to healing was a difficult season. In the long run, it was well worth it.

I open with these words because of the ongoing interest I have taken in watching the Christian community voice their prideful, proud and delusional ideologies on social media. Specifically, the Christian community. Those outside of this group are not of concern in this particular matter because they do not use the Bible to fight with. The concerns I have, while being one who believes in the work that Christ alone accomplished, are really consuming me because of a few simple facts. One of those facts, while studying these people and knowing what I know about the true message of Jesus, is that not ONE person actually knows for certain that God and Jesus exist. They just don’t. Unfortunately, and with all of their exhausting efforts, they claim the fact of knowing that they do.

My view is pretty simple (and maybe one could say it is my own delusion): I believe God is real because creation is evident. I also believe that evil is real; I’ve lived it, loved it and have witnessed it. If there ever was a need for us to be purified from the evil within us all–in other words, the little voice telling us to go against our conscience, then we do have that saving power of Jesus. I really can’t look at my own faith any other way. Religion was a time in my life that led me back to a realization that no man or woman is, “good” and that no one is exempt from breaking the laws found within the Bible. Why would even Jesus himself, according to the Bible, say to the Jewish Pharisee that only God Himself is good in Mark 10? In my head, it is a precept driving home the fact that not one person has the right to think very highly of themselves.

With this being said, and back to the fact that not one person can say with one-hundred percent certainty that ANY of the Bible is true outside of having faith that it is, leads me to the next fact I have been dumbfounded by:

People actually claim that God talks to them!

After taking a look at myself and realizing just how complex the largely misunderstood brain really is, I can clearly see that a great majority of the Christian community is dealing with psychosis as well. Voices, visions, prophetic dreams and hallucinations, as well as the babbling some do while calling it, “speaking in tongues,” can all be attributed to some category of psychosis. Yet, they want to believe that a God they cannot say with 100% certainty truly is what the Bible claims, has flat out told them things that 99.9% of the time, never happen??

I’m sorry, but I’m not the crazy one. A little off my rocker, but not mad.

I am not surprised that people lose their faith and fall away from a need for Jesus. Not the least bit surprised. They see the crazy in those Christians just as much as I do.

Something keeps telling me to hold onto my mustard seed-sized faith. It’s enough for me. I can look at the creation of the whole universe and see God–the One that Jesus said is truly the only one who is good. The rest of us are just blobs of a varying mess of pride with physical, mental and spiritual burden…

Jesus knew that.

I am just about completely done with claiming to categorize myself as the masses would label, “Christian,” because, anymore, most are losing their minds. They are becoming so full of themselves that they look more like Satan than a God of love.

5 thoughts on “Hurtful Truth

  1. Agreed, and well said Damon.
    I prefer to identify as a follower of Jesus. I may no be the best example but I trust He will get me where I need to be.

    Much Peace and Love

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