More Distractions

This quiet home on a Saturday morning is a marvelous thing.

My wife was on her way home from her shift at the hospital while the kids were away at their grandparent’s place. I had just sat down to the first sip of coffee as I listened to the low hums of my surroundings. Birds were mostly silent as they hunkered in their hidings. It was a glance through the house, which turned to a stare at the American flag blowing in the cold wind outside our front door that soothed me. At that moment, I was able to put it all down for a while.

Yes, put it all down: those numerous distractions that plague our existence. The things that take away the attention that should be placed on what matters. What matters to me may not matter you, of course. With that being said, are these things that matter to us as individuals, are they distractions? Or, are they true definitions of our humanity?

Do we know the difference?

I had been spending a lot of time dissecting online celebrity preachers and calling them out on their lies. It was the introduction I received through a text from a friend which contained a link to a guy claiming that Donald Trump would serve a second consecutive term as President, and that God Himself had told him so. That beginning led to a short-lived addiction. Each night after a long day, I would sit and search the videos of these guys and totally laugh at their brainwashed league of followers as they praised and glorified by means of comments during their live feeds–completely oblivious to facts and worshipping their idols. These self-appointed, “Men of God,” would tickle the ears and then ask for money. They would give hope to the distracted mind…

A mind just like my own at that time.

I was obsessing over the things that really had no relevance. It was all just a popular distraction that led people astray from reality. It gave people a false hope. It lined the pockets of self-righteous men with titles given to themselves that are expected to justify their position as godly: Pastors, Prophets and Brothers. I was being led down the rabbit hole along with the droves of the mindless.

If God knows the beginning from the end, then why should I worry?

Each day the world tries to distract us from what matters. In my case, it is staying mentally stable, loving my family and taking care of my friends, doing my best to show the grace that the Lord gives me to a distracted generation, and calling out the lying, manipulating thieves when necessary. Although, that last matter is really something the distracted aren’t comfortable with. I guess I’m the guy who calls it when I see it? Overall, what matters is the silence within that I experienced this morning as I peered through that front door. Being mindful of silence is probably the best remedy to a distractive world, and it is the time to really focus on how to overcome it.

One thought on “More Distractions

  1. It’s rare that any good ever comes from engaging delusional people, but I rather enjoy it from time to time.
    Some people are stubborn and shameless,
    Even when karma bites them in the ass, they still won’t back down from their delusions. I understand why those who manipulate others enjoy their delusions, because they profit from it. But those being manipulated, I don’t understand at all.
    Have a great weekend Damon


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