Social Distortion

I’m not sure why so many people these days are taking things to extremes, such as their religious beliefs, political views and opinions.

I am not very happy with social media. It seems as though I only hold onto it for the sake of my family. It’s a nice way to stay connected to people who, unfortunately in most cases, have forgotten how to knock on doors or use the telephone. We are so busy—even busier than we used to be I guess. Outside of sharing a meme to laugh at, pictures of family or something that I personally find interesting or cool, social media has become an outlet for frustrations.

The angry, right-wing party has taken over my feed on Facebook. I think it’s extremely hypocritical watching self-proclaimed good Christian folks bash the shit out of people who don’t agree with their extremism. I saw a Pastor share a short spoof of Biden falling on the steps leading into Air Force One because of being struck on the head by a golf ball Trump was hitting. Loving, evangelical Christians are really giving Jesus a bad rap these days, and they point the finger at Democrats?

Then you have the supposed, “Cancel Culture,” which doesn’t need any more mention than that. Add the stupid opinions of esteemed men of God with childish attitudes (Greg Locke) and false prophets (Curt Landry AND Greg Locke) to the mix, and watch the droves of small-minded people praise them above God Himself! In addition, people are more inept than ever because of the willful lack of thinking for themselves, and why should they? They can just follow someone on social media and allow them to condition their feeble minds for them. Sadly, the leaders often become their own heroes as they laugh hysterically behind the backs of their gullible disciples. They come up with material to stir the senses and watch the likes pop up. It strokes their egos and gives incentive to produce another topic that will again feed their self-conceit.

It’s all a joke.

People used to use their heads, but I’m not sure where these people are anymore? Just type it in, hit follow and go with it, instead of wrapping your mind around it, thinking about it and deciding for your damn self.

I’ve been sucked into the Social Dilemma, but I’m now determined to follow the bread crumbs back out.

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