I asked the question in a previous post, ‘I wonder what lies beyond the objective and subjective world?’ My intention was to receive feedback of different viewpoints, but I only received one response from a faithful follower of mine. His response was, “I believe this unknown area is where Truth is found.”

My first thought was that “the Truth” he was referring to is Jesus. Not sure, but maybe he will see this post and verify his response. As the question may have been difficult to understand from someone else’s perspective, my intention was to see how people would respond. Definition of the two varies, depending on the person. For some, the answer is Jesus. I am not looking for a narrowed view of the question based on someone’s religious beliefs. For me personally, I’m beginning to understand the teachings of Jesus in a different way than mainstream Christianity had led me to believe…

Perhaps this is why I’m pondering the objective and subjective world, or maybe, the objective and subjective mind?

Do we all try, with all that we are, subconsciously, to break things down in our realities into objective and subjective categorization–drifting back and forth between the two?

What is beyond this from your point of view? Are we more than that?

4 thoughts on “Unfathomed

  1. Check out the mind/body problem of philosophy on the internet. Read about Cartesian dualism and maybe look at the Meditations of Rene Descartes.

    It is a very bottomless topic. You just have to pick a starting point and go from there.

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  2. I’ll check it out Rob, but what, if I may ask, are your personal thoughts? I would just like to hear it without giving judgment or even a response. This is more about my personal view of the matter. Reading someone else’s viewpoint is helpful.


  3. Personally I’m a materialist. The subjective mind is the function of brain activity, and the objective world beyond that is also matter. In other words, I don’t believe there’s such a thing as soul or spirit. Everything comes down to atomic matter.

    I guess the real test is finding out what happens when I die, and by then it’ll be too late. No one comes back from the dead.

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  4. Definitely Jesus, I believe all Truth is contained in Him.
    We live in a time where objective truth is subjective, this is why I believe most things in life are subjective, I have witnessed such objectively.
    The only way I can function in this world is to believe everything in life happens for reasons we just don’t know.
    Life is hard and life is not fair.
    For some, life is hell. I just can’t make any sense of it.


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