Today has been a strange one.

My family and I had a good evening around the fire in our backyard last night. Our oldest boy, only fifteen, has an understanding of society that is beyond anything my wife or I had known at his age. He and I had a discussion about the control that people have come to accept, and even love.

The discussion went much deeper than this, but all of the details are between us. What had me rattled today was some of the things within the world that relate to the discussion we had last night. Our boy is intelligent, and it worries us to hear him talk about things that most kids his age never even think about. Although, his thoughts served as the avenue leading to my thoughts of the world. Now yesterday, as it is now Sunday here in our time zone, I had felt like complete crap physically. I sat in my recliner for most of the day and watched a few of my shows on Hulu, while dozing off here and there. In between, my aching body had me uncomfortably seated with just my thoughts. I began to realize just how much truth there is to the way society is willfully pushed and persuaded by so many different instruments.

Social media is a complete joke, I’m finding, and is one of those prominent instruments. It amazes me to see how many people follow others whom are spreading lies, hate and opinions that have no substance or validity. Dumbed down education has taken over. So many people are completely oblivious to facts, and are sure of themselves after being manipulated with endless amounts of fictional information. These few examples alone have shown me just how starry-eyed people have become in their beliefs. The conditioned mind is evident. The internet is destroying many, instead of serving as a tool for educating.

I’ve been overloaded with anxiety today, and I know that it comes from an absurd amount of energy being spent on devices that expose me to so much false info. Yet, I have seen just what our boy was talking about Friday night. When informed, whether information is true or not, one must be mindful of how one conforms. This world is so full of things that are forming us into robots that are programmed with lies that we are learning to love. For many, it’s just easier to follow than to lead. Unfortunately, even the ones we title as leaders are often deceived. The blind leading the blind is becoming an understatement. Sometimes I wonder if the whole belief system I personally have is somehow obscured by the conditioning of my mind?

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