Several Miles

I travel familiar streets on the way home from work after I stop and grab the usual cup of coffee. Exceedingly traveled streets and roads—ones paved with a thousand stories and memories.

I’ve been thinking heavily about the days when an old pal and myself would travel along the backroads, smoking and listening to the finest music. For hours, we could forget about the musts of of lives and relentlessly dwell upon our pleasures. Nothing really mattered in our relaxed stupor. As long as the music played and the gas was available to burn, we would travel, both day and night…

He died Saturday.

I had a big falling out with the guy after his cousin and I had split up for good in the spring of ‘08. She and I did nothing more for each other. Blood is thicker than water, so they say, so my pal never spoke to me again. Although he left me thirteen years ago, he left me again Saturday.

Perhaps it was all in our perfect time. Or, in God’s.

I travel home and drink the coffee that somehow reminds me of the old habits I had all of those years ago when we traveled these same roads of memories. Much of this same music still being played; many of these same thoughts being observed…

2 thoughts on “Several Miles

  1. Sorry to hear your former friend passed on.
    The preciseness and absolute randomness of life is such a mystery to me.
    There’s no making any sense of it.
    But what a ride life IS.
    Happy Easter Damon

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