This Vast Correctional Facility

We seem to have very deep discussions around our fire pit here in Indiana. My father-in-law and I had a discussion last night that briefly touched on how different everyone truly is.

Now that I’ve had coffee and more time to think about the little aspects which led to the topic, my morning has been purposely minimal. No social media, no article reading, just silence. This silence business is something I had studied in the past and then forgotten. It stems from Buddhism and meditative practices, and it kind of disappeared from my personal life after the religious experience with Christianity. Frankly, silence is necessary in any religion, I believe. Nonetheless, I’m embracing it again.

Silent times are like a gentle cleansing. I find that my personal logic increases when not in the silence. The decluttering of sensory and focus upon simply being in space without thinking is difficult, yet I’m finding it easier as practice persists. For someone diagnosed with a mental illness such as mine, these practices are conducive to a peaceful me.

So, the deep conversation last night has me thinking this morning about the wide array of false instruction, manipulation, egoism and convoluted structure that plagues our world, and how all of these things are haywiring us. How awful it is to see how everyone longs to be on top, and correct. The more I observe, the more I find just how hard it is to find the inner silence I know is within each and every individual; that which would serve as a instrument for peace…

Unfortunately, everyone is different, so we get more instruments in the current world that fight directly against inner stillness. We get to deal with all of the infinite, “differences,” categorized as good, bad or possibly neutral.

I’m also studying dichotomous thinking, which is also something that I deal with outside of the silence. It causes problems, people. To accept that everyone is different is often just not possible on a black and/or white scale. Discussion with my hardheaded, ultra-cool father-in-law–while both of our subtle egos lingered about–was easier than it had been in times before. I’m pretty sure it is because of the awareness of silence that’s here again and what I’m learning about my dichotomous thinking.

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