We Think

The UPS man and I had a conversation yesterday about the negative people of the world. There are two individuals of whom we are both acquainted with that absolutely will suck the life from you, if you allow it.

He had made a comment to me at one point that I really had trouble accepting. He said that he enjoys talking to me, and that he could relate to me in more ways than anyone else at my place of business, which was interesting. He was speaking of my positive outlook on life. He really doesn’t know me very well, and the fact that I was in very good spirits yesterday may have played its part, but I did mention that I make an effort to stay at peace after a lifetime of very little.

You will get a timeline of my journey here at WordPress, and it is not all positive. I have trouble dealing with the emotions. Although, I am currently learning about the true essence of my being, and it is not only defining true peace, but completely liberating. I am making the effort to understand silence and stillness: keys to unlocking the true nature of my conscious awareness.

The world, as I know it, or as you know it, in a conceptual view, can be very beautiful. Unfortunately, many of us are conditioned to search for and dwell upon the negative aspects. How we think about things in our conceptual view is the true deal breaker; the way to understand, or, miss the understanding of that peace we all long for. We fill our lives with temporary fixes, but many never understand the foundation before building our personal structure…

That foundation is being built. With God leading, I’m beginning to understand. This shaky ground of life is beginning to lose its power. The negative, which we all experience in our thoughts, is losing its hold. What I am understanding about the silence and stillness cannot be unseen. It works, unlike everything else I’ve tried.

It’s up to you to stop being a miserable human.

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