Before You

What is sad to see

is the things we find;

the negative in our worlds

viewed through conditioned mind.

We are victims

or victorious,

which ever one we say.

Whatever condition we believe

has made us this way.

We fight the losing battle

within ourselves—without end.

We look to God when inner-strength is lost—

a Creator we can’t comprehend.

Praying for relief

from the hell our thoughts created,

not realizing the world we live in

is designed to keep us fixated

on the very thing that keeps us torn

between silence and the noise;

between peace and relentless hostility;

between dastardliness and poise.

Yet, we continue in our narrative:

the story we create

in our groupings of fleeting thoughts

hoarded together and made great.

The constant need to make them relevant—

these thoughts we call to favor.

Inferiority or superiority

is our labor.

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