Evergreen and Pal

The beginning of Spring has a way of motivating me, providing ideal temperatures and tranquility through the gift of sensory.

Saturday is my day of rest. Being lazy is the goal. Giving it my all throughout the week and then resting on the seventh day is just something that eventually took hold over the past several years. The routine is pretty standard: My wife brings the groceries home on her way from work as I’m just getting up from a night’s rest, we put them all away and then I’m here, writing in the chair. Coffee, and I plop into the recliner.

As the front door was being shut after bringing those groceries in, my attention was drawn to the little tree with its new friend…

The scraggly little tree was brought from a shady area in front of our house several days ago. I had dug it up and transplanted it in a different area that provides more light. I felt a bit sorry for the little thing–deprived of nourishment and looking all depressed in the dark corner. I suppose it will soon take on deeper root and begin to thrive, but right now it still looks a bit withered.

What’s interesting is the little plant accompanying the newly transplanted tree. It literally popped up out of nowhere. Did I bring a bulb to the surface while digging the hole for the tree? Hey! The Evergreen now has a buddy to come along for the upcoming growing season!

This childish analogy may be dumb, I know, but the visual in our yard reminds me of the truths I’ve experienced personally, and have witnessed in many others throughout the years.

When we are uprooted and moved out of an environment that really doesn’t do us much good, we can thrive. Although, a support system is sometimes needed to get us there. After we reach a new place, new things begin to manifest. Our new destinations are accompanied by new friends, new ways, new thoughts, et cetera.

Unfortunately, many people don’t want to change. They like ‘the dark,’ or their misery, or whatever one chooses to call it, and have grown so used to the things within it. It is really all they know, so they would much rather just stay in it. Newness is a challenge. Thoughts, conditioning, poor or no support system makes it that much harder to change–usually–what one knows needs to be changed.

I’ve learned recently that all I can try to do is have compassion for my brother or sister; be that little plant beside the withered. The goal is to have peace within, and to travel along, benevolently supportive, with all of the other slowly decaying living.

2 thoughts on “Evergreen and Pal

  1. Good thoughts Damon. I have about 80 little trees needing transplanting because they are too close to our country road. I have been uprooted with our family 8 times through life (downsized, flooded out, company moved, I burned out and etc.) Like that little plant, others have been a support now and then and it’s so helpful. I can just relate to that tree I guess.

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