It Cannot Be Unseen

Drifting off into a memory from the childhood–a simple memory that seems to stick with me throughout the years–took me by surprise Friday evening.

I was probably no more than three at the time. It was definitely a clear, sunny day with plenty of lush greenery; spring or summer in the early Eighties. I witnessed a young man with a boombox on his shoulder, with the song blaring in his left ear. He walked north down Sherbrooke.

The recurring memory was a reminder of the recent experience that has changed the very essence of who I am in this realm; in this, “reality.” A profound experience–much like the one I had through the lens of a young and curious mind as that young man made his way north all of those years ago–that cannot be unseen. One that will not leave. Why the boombox on the shoulder of the young man was so mesmerizing is of significant question, but it is of that same wonder that I sit and observe the new epiphany.

The new, awe-inspiring perusal cannot be unseen. The epiphany cannot be masked. I have been going over and over the observation of my thoughts as a witness, just like I had witnessed the young man in his element all of those years ago. Although, as I observed that young man in my limited understanding, the thoughts were only those of my childish self. Who knows what they were? I had no idea that it was possible to observe thought. I had no clue that anything outside of my thoughts was a thing.

I’m reading this book…

The title is somewhat misleading to me, for I really don’t see the work as, “Spiritual Enlightenment.” In my opinion, it’s more of a way of training the brain to observe how the mind processes one’s own thoughts. Every word and sentence has some sort of strange and profound lesson. It has been extremely liberating, and I’m only a few chapters in. It is written in a way that anyone can understand. It’s content, along with other teachings I have been studying from Tolle, is absolutely changing me as a human being; as a person. While having a handful of psychological disorders that I’ve been battling throughout the majority of my life, the teachings have an astounding way of healing me. I’m getting back to the person I was before the thoughts took over my life. I’m relearning everything, with a curiosity and amazement that seems to be as significant as the encounter with the guy and his boombox.

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