A Different Shift

Beginning the weekend with a relaxing Saturday morning feels much different than it had in many years prior.

The weekends mark a two-day stretch that is of great value after five days of strenuous work. I have a demanding job, both physically and mentally. Sitting at the nook in our kitchen and knowing that the moment holds little more than the quiet hums of the various fans and chirping birds outside, and knowing that the moment will not be transient, is providing a harmonious time to appreciate all that my wife and I work for. As I sit and write in peace, I think about what is new within the Saturdays, lately.

Before, and I mean up until Saturday, March 6th of this year to be exact, mornings of the weekends weren’t quite the same. I still valued the time to do next to nothing if I had chosen in all of those weekends prior, but the mind in those times was much different. A hike during that day on the sixth of March, I truly believe, provided the time for a shift in consciousness. Before that specific day, I did not have the paradigm shift that has completely changed me.

The teacher is a guy whom I had heard in the past, but the lessons weren’t then embraced. During my hike, I had an old IPod with many different songs from the past on it that I had charged up for the walk. Within the old playlist was a teaching from Tolle. As I stood high on a steep hill and looked through the barren trees into the azure beyond them, his voice told me specific things that I was not ready for in those years before. The lesson had to be close to nine or ten years old, but my struggle with God had begun around that time. The words then meant next to nothing as I went through the self-chastisement of religion. Yet, it took all of those lessons through the years to get me to the point of hearing the words he spoke again. As I listened to his voice and the content, I felt an extreme weight lift from me. I felt at one with all of creation/consciousness. I understood.

Consciousness cannot be disputed, and I’m learning so much about it through his teachings. I cannot disprove (the more I study it) the things the guy says, although he does define things in ways that I don’t quite comprehend. Overall, the truth is there, I am finding. What I am also finding is how much I am changing by just embracing a few key factors that I’ve learned though him. With these factors, I’m not the same man writing at the nook, and the beginning of the weekend isn’t really the beginning of anything…

It’s just The Now.

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