My grandmother and I used to watch a television show called Nature on PBS when I was growing up. A narrator would talk about the animals and ecosystems from around the world, while the cinematic visual stimulations would leave my grandmother and I in awe. “God made that,” I remember her saying.

While we focused our attention on the animals or plants being described, we were always amazed by how beautiful the creations of earth were–their magnificent and unique detail. I often wonder where it all came from. How could it be? There is far too much intricate detail for it to simply be happenstance. It boggles the mind.

I was sitting here this morning and thinking about all of the unique people, plants, animals, the ecosystems and countless processes, as well as space itself. I was wondering just how many other earth-like planets there must be in this space, while pondering their possibilities. It seems downright selfish to believe that we are alone out here, and that we are supposed to believe and adhere to these narrow beliefs of one certain religion in order to be saved from ourselves; in order to reach a destination of some sort after we permanently lose, consciousness, as we understand it. A means to an end.

Yes, there is certainly a Divinity, a very creative one.

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