My Personal Observed Digest

Life is actually designed to challenge us; to work against us. It is not designed to work with us. We experience a bad situation (financial, relational, etc.), resolve or overcome it, and another one soon arises. When we expect life to work in our favor we experience pain and unhappiness. It’s a delusion to think that the world will do good for us if we never realize this.

Whenever we acknowledge the fact that it works against us, we find peace because we no longer expect the ideal life. Our underlying expectation of cooperation will destroy us as as long as we believe the delusion!

When we observe the inevitable situations that accompany these “workings against us,” and assess whether or not it is truly the situation or our thinking about the situation as the real cause of our internal pain, we are then able to handle this flawed world with a more reliable stability. Our deeply rooted conditioned mind (rooted in mostly fear) can and will then observe any situation with non-judgmental clarity, for the thoughts that accompany them are factually defined, opposed to a distorted view caused by that filthy lens of fear we are accustomed to.

We are not the narratives we create in our minds. We are actually just experiencing life as each moment unfolds. How we observe the situations and our thoughts over them greatly determines our peace.

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