I saw the universal truth of every living thing within my recent experiences.

There is something outside of my work routine at the place of employment that pulls me into the natural world outdoors. For the last few weeks I have diligently been working on our landscaping. It is satisfying for me to spruce up the flower beds, as well as beneficial when putting out the annual vegetable garden. My wife and I enjoy those things of beauty, and we consume the harvested vegetables with gratefulness. While I have been watching the young plants slowly grow, the seeds germinate and take off, and while I have been laying the mulch over the old, my realizations of our similarities as humans has been observed many times over.

Everything is alive and in bloom. Underneath the fresh mulch, my attention had been drawn to the dead leaves and old plant debris. I put a fresh layer of colored wood chips over the dead and a whole new vibrancy is revealed. The colors of the plants against the dark backdrop of the brown mulch reminds me of our lives…

Aren’t we all of the same essence: the universal Being, within? I recognized the very essence of myself–all of us— illuminating with the very same brilliance noticed within the plant life; within all of this life. All of subject and object, merged into one. We are of the same elemental building blocks, and I questioned why our minds insist on making life as we know it so complicated? Can we not–should we not–be as the isness of all, beyond its name and form? The human mind wants to stuff all things into boxes and define them, yet the natural world outside of humanity doesn’t have that fearful mind that desires to do so.

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