The Enigma Of Being Comfortably Uncertain

There was a truth that presented itself this afternoon on my way home from the workplace.

Maybe it was more of a collection of truths? As any reader could probably gather when visiting the blog and especially the last several posts, my focus has shifted to the acknowledgment of just how much I identify myself with mind: the voice that never stops chattering within me. It has been quite the experience being the silent observer–more and more as time passes–and recognizing the thoughts that come and go. It’s almost as if I am watching the movie of my life: the real-time, in the Now of each moment, manifesting out of the Nothing. Nothing, or the unmanifested; the not yet, until it is in the Now, has added a new dimension to the life I am experiencing…

I stared deeply into the snow white Cumulus clouds against the azure as I paused for a bit within the drive home. The truth occurred to me: I am only here, now, present. Then, during the stop, and now, while typing out each word. There is no other time outside of now, unless I pull it out of a memory of the past or a delusion of future within the abused tool I call the Brain. I realized how conditioned I am to the addiction of thought and just how long it has taken to reach this point of no return in which I cannot stop watching the movie. The one I haven’t seen before. A script never read or heard. An unpredictable twist as each of the present moments unfold.

I watched the clouds bloom as they slowly made their way across the serene backdrop of cerulean…

It was a parallel of my life; of yours.

Is it not true that we only bloom within the unmanifested as each moment unfolds?

I recently took a few more steps in the direction of experiencing my own ego by seeing the truth of my thoughts, and what they create, in contrast to the manifestation within / from out of the unmanifested. It’s a bloom of understanding that changes in the unpredictable unfolding of, “life,” much like what I had witnessed on the edge of the clouds today.

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