We Are One

As I take on the challenge of evolving within each moment with the self-realization of being a form with a life force behind it, I am feeling–becoming–what it is to be an extension of God. It was recently described metaphorically to me as the sun being the Source of all that exists (God) while each conceptualized manifestation (form) being the radiant light emanating from that source. It made sense: All things in the universe are interconnected with the Source; with God. If I were to look out into the infinite vastness of space, I would realize that it is just that: space. Emptiness. Void. Nothing. It is not until something takes residence within the void that we can begin to lay out the labels. Is that where/what one would call God lies, within that void? Within the unmanifested? Is God the One that earnestly creates all that we sense within the manifested?

I’m enthralled, truly. There is a focus that resides, and it comes to me as a vision of my essence without form simply existing within that nothing of space. Like I am just there, floating in space (simply consciousness) with nothing to show point A to point B, such as light. All that is created (the manifested) is not there. All of the mind is silent. All that I know, have known and will know, is not. This focal point is intriguing within the conceptualized because it is not only a truth, but also salvation itself. It is the Being I am within. It is being one with The One. The clutter of the mind-made self (the ego within me that wants to define something outside of the purity of the manifested; to understand the void of the the nothing; to give a man-made label to each creation of God) desperately tries to rip this focus apart. Unfortunately, I’m finding that it is quite normal. My mind does not want to budge from its conditioning. It does not want me to find that peace of no-thing; of no-mind within. Most likely a mechanism of survival in our evolution.

Was Jesus speaking of these things long before people could understand? Is he the, “I Am?” The one with the One, like all of us?

2 thoughts on “We Are One

  1. We are told that Solomon is the wisest man to ever live. His conclusion was that all is vanity. I tend to agree with that statement.
    Though, I don’t believe all is irrelevant and futile.
    Much Peace and Love to you and yours.

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