Narrow Is The Path

Being enthusiastic about a different way of thinking is good for me, but man, it is not good for others it seems.

I’ve tried to introduce the teachings of Eckhart Tolle to a few individuals in recent weeks. In very subtle ways, I’ve done my best to suggest that a few simple practices he has taught me are a sure way to begin a process that enables anyone to become aware of how thoughts play their roles in our daily lives. Not only have I experienced a sudden rejection in both cases, but I’ve also been shut down quickly in one case because of the individual’s Christian bias. In other words, Tolle is a demonic force with powers of witchcraft, warping my fragile mind, taking my attention away from God and shifting my focus to Satan’s lies. Those are my words, but that was the point I had gathered. Christian means you are of God, or other.

I have put the brakes on many of the things I’ve learned about God by means of the Bible, for it is not very applicable when it comes to overcoming thought. It makes far more sense for me to become aware of what goes on within my head without blaming everything that goes wrong on a demon living inside me, or whatever the Christian wants to say about those things. The journey with Christianity is kind of in limbo as of right now for me. I don’t reject the things written in the Bible, but I don’t necessarily believe every word of it. Knowing church history, the Roman influence, the way it has been dissected over the millennia, as well as now beginning to view the words of Jesus through a different lens (a lens outside of the conditioning of the so-called Church and the major unconscious headship), I’m beginning to see God in a much different way. It’s the way I saw the Creator way before the brainwashing took over.

God gave us a brain to use. It is a tool. It is nice to know that it is just that–a tool–and not what I should be. There is a great difference in the two. As I’ve made my way through this life until right now, I’ve only lived the majority within my mind. Only, being it. The observation of thought was not pragmatic, but distorted by religious conditioning, always leading to the same problem: no real peace. Our Creator has graciously provided each one of us with a mind that can overcome these situations in life that cause us pain. We just have to be willing to find the way. I’m beginning to understand that way is by observing the thoughts, and assessing accordingly.

Why do people willfully suffer? I am tired of suffering. Knowing that the way I think about things is the cause of 99% (my personal estimate) of suffering has been the catalyst for learning more about the topic. Unfortunately, religion and identification with sorts of pain keeps many from understanding…

Or willing to try.

5 thoughts on “Narrow Is The Path

  1. I think our journey is very much a personal one and I’m learning to stop listening to those who insist that their religion is the only one that holds any truth. I’m finding a lot of joy and wisdom, at the moment, in the writings of Thich Nhat Hahn.

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  2. You’re right. It’s difficult to see the suffering continue for others because of the pain, fear and ego within them. Although we all have this disease in varying degrees. I guess I’m just adamant about sharing the remedy.

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