Mask of Mind

The watcher witnessed the children at play, and he wondered how a loving God could send them to a place called Hell.

He took off his mask for a moment, and he felt the sun’s warmth cover his very being.

The watcher closed his eyes and thought of his own child; no longer among the other children. Gone away. Under a mound of earth. No longer anything inside that vessel, allowing her to be.

“Jesus was a wise man, Daddy.” He thought of her view. She never said anything more about him. She never was anything but kind to all of the other children. She and they didn’t wear conditioned masks…

The sun was going down and the watcher felt at peace; he felt at one with all.

He never put the mask back on.

He never again created a place called Hell for God’s creations to reside.

2 thoughts on “Mask of Mind

  1. I love this! As children, we instinctively know the real truth about God and it’s something we should allow ourselves to hold on to as we grow older.

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