No More

There are a few people on WordPress that have not only contributed to the evaluation of my own faith in God, but also to how and what I believe about a divine Creator.

I think it’s safe to say that the Bible is not a reliable source for understanding the universe and the many, many unanswered questions I have. According to one blogger, even though he knows nothing about the depths of my studies and knowledge of the Bible, has insisted that I am lacking knowledge and the facts necessary in order to comprehend, “the truth.” That’s interesting, considering how no one can prove that the Bible is the inerrant truth? Anyway, I have just reviewed 25 contradictions located within the accounts given within the gospels according to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. In addition, as I progressively learn more through teachings based on and derived from Buddhism, there is pertinent evidence that has led me to believe that Jesus may have been educated in such. I’m still learning about that. I just ordered a book written on the subject with many five-star reviews. We will see. Nevertheless, the few blogs I have followed for the last few years have opened up many doors as I’ve journeyed along, and with their aid, I’ve also closed many of them.

One door that will remain shut is the willingness to be a righteous, pompous, egotistical man whose self-absorbed identification is derived from his own faith. Thanks to two blogs in particular, I have seen countless truths within myself that were justified because of my identity as a Christian. It was evident, the more I had read through these blog posts, that I was also righteous—arrogantly, and with my own Godly vindication. I was above all others because I was a Christian. As time has passed and now that I’ve been observing the conditioned mind I possess, the present is revealing just how those yesterdays were destructive.

Learning more about the Egoic Mind, the mind-made sense of Self and the way thoughts / narratives created in the mind all come into play within most, and especially with those who are very religious in unhealthy ways, is helping me to see just how distorted the whole concept of being a unworthy sinner is. I no longer believe that I was created by a God who created a game for humanity to play, killed himself for himself in order for us all to be saved from ourselves. I can’t buy it, no matter how hard I try.

If we would just observe our thoughts and see what goes on within our minds, maybe we could someday rise above the God-given tool of thought. Maybe we could become more than a narrative that we create. Just my observation.

As of right now, I don’t think I believe this created religion in the way it is written and interpreted by bloggers, and most scholars/theologians (i.e. Egoic Mind) of our past and present. I am comfortable with not knowing and simply learning to love in the way that I see the Creator’s love in the created natural world.

One thought on “No More

  1. We’re on the same page, Damon. Becoming associated with Christian fundamentalists and apologists was damaging to my faith. Their claustrophobic view of God reduced him to someone who only cared for a small segment of society, and anyone who did not turn would burn in eternal torture. That view of God is detestable. I also agree that the bible is not a supernatural work, but one that has been put together by humans and is their view of God at that time. In whatever shape or form (not sure about gender), we can’t know exactly what God is. I’ve learned that we can only experience God. I am happy, fulfilled and content with that.

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