A friend is being taken off of life support today.

I can’t help but wonder why we cannot forgive the past—both our own mistakes and those of others. The man going away today had so many reasons why my ego wouldn’t allow him to be a little closer in the latter days. I couldn’t handle his substance abuse. Yet, I sit and think about my conditioned mind and how my formation aided in the distancing. Then it also occurs to me that Christianity also played its part; dividing and deluding…

All of the lies we hold onto.

Right before I received the phone call, I was thinking about how some leave the physical long before others, and we sometimes hold onto the ego with an iron grip, because we believe it is the right thing to do. We need boundaries, sure, but unless we are present and aware of the truth of our thoughts, ourselves and others decay and fall away, before goodbyes take place.

4 thoughts on “Fade

  1. I am so sorry too.. I woke at 5 am with the most powerful realization of how our ego’s limited ignorance at the time blocks us from truly opening the heart and loving especially when we have deep wounds and how precious is every single moment. so this really resonated..

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