Oh, God!

It occurred to me today that writing is just another form of identifying myself.

At this time, even though I recognize the blog as an extension of my ego, I will keep the platform up and running. Although, it is not something that I absolutely must have like it had been at first. Just a few years ago the belief of needing a place to voice my individuality within the created blog held great importance. After all, I had another form of identity to display within that blog: My suffering and victory over it. The veneer of being a stand-up guy, full of the Holy Spirit of God; wise and esteemed; looking at myself and giving the old atta-boy with the subtly vain glance in the mirror. Feeling good, because God was looking at me and seeing the works I performed that somehow did something for his ego as well. All that crap our ego just loves to indulge in.

I was traveling along a highway today and listening to the audio version of A New Earth–a book written by a charlatan, as the Christian community would say. The content reached a certain point that literally had me in a state of peace that I had never experienced before, and the words the narrator was voicing pulled tears from the heart in this moment of ecstasy. The words described the teachings of Jesus, and a great realization within my mind brought about the liberation from all form–both within and without. I seemed to understand, yet again, outside of the conceptualized and narrow view of thought, the I Am Jesus spoke of. He spoke of consciousness, outside of the unconscious mind. It was a direct hit on the head of the nail as I heard the audio speaking to me in a way that, along with all I have accumulated thus far, a sanctified truth.

Through a filter of the conceptualized mind, this would make no sense.

When the Roman Catholic Church and rule of Constantine; the Councils within, and I would go as far as to say the understanding of the so-called Saul or Paul of the New Testament, desperately had attempted to grasp the true intent of the message of Jesus, they probably missed the mark in its entirety. It is my opinion that they had tried to think their way through understanding Jesus, while not comprehending what Jesus conveyed. I’m pretty convinced that the R.C. Church added a bunch of nonsense to the “Holy Bible” and removed critical importance, such as the Gospel of Thomas, in order to gain control over masses. Take a look at Christianity in all of its depth and division and see that same form of control today! I’ll leave it at this, because my own ego could definitely take this into troubled waters. Nevertheless, the message today was evident to me.

So this writing business is something I enjoy, yes, but the intent is much different. Yesterday’s belief within an unconscious thought had me stretching long-winded word forms, providing for me a sense of identity. Today, I learned what Jesus was teaching me, or us: The unconsciousness of the egoic mind deludes the universal consciousness of true joy; the true love of God.

One thought on “Oh, God!

  1. I enjoyed reading this post, Damon. These moments of ecstasy are so profound, yet bring so much peace – that peace beyond understanding. I love it when that happens and things seem to click into place with such ease.

    I agree with what you said about the books that were left out of the canon of Scripture. Those that were left out didn’t fit the message/perspective that the church at that time wanted to expose to the masses (no pun intended).

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