Flat Earthers

It was interesting to see so many truths unfold just by observing others within the last few weeks.

Nothing needed to be said to them, for any dispute or correction that could have been offered would have caused a defense. I’ve found that persuasion is becoming so prominent anymore, and while listening to the voices of several in recent days, the deceptive manipulation is warping beautiful minds. It is unfortunate that we are all conditioned to begin with, then with added falsities, we somehow become that person in the mirror who believes it all.

I suppose that’s why religion for me is dead. I cannot prove it. Under the suppression of something that just cannot be seen as factual was killing me. Literally. I had to get help for my Hyperreligiosity (that’s about as close as I am able to define it as), because everyday was a constant nightmare. To be consumed by delusions; the splintering that was caused by continuously pushing myself against the grain of reason; the relentless convincing within my mind that would disrupt all that I was–it was a parasitic hamper! What a hateful God in that Bible. If I am such a piece of shit, then why am I here? Don’t ask a Christian that question.

The media is making society so gullible. I was listening to my mother’s television spew out their indoctrinating compositions yesterday while doing some work in her bathroom. She watches the news, very often. CNN. Fox News. All that. It became obvious to me several months back that I should just be silent or simply respond politely when she starts in with the “facts” she had learned from the news. There are many of those facts she believes, even though they aren’t.

Isn’t it something?! We get to walk around and become what we believe. I simply know that I am conscious, and that all of the surface content outside of that is what my brain puts together; what my senses construct, and, for the most part, it all doesn’t matter all that much. To get too caught up within the noise results in me becoming the idiot, and we don’t need more.

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