No Guarantee

There is a blogger who likes to conclude his posts with the words, “Something to think about.”

It is a religious blog. Each week the posts are sent out into cyber space and arrive, like this one, in front of an audience to be analyzed. The recipients then have the chance to agree, reject, or remain neutral after digesting the writing. The something to think about is always about the Bible and the writer’s view of its content. In agreement, a group of around twenty to thirty LIKE the posts, and some add praise in the commentary.

I often wonder why, as the writer of the blog, there is such a need to display a righteousness; a righteousness justified with use of content that is nothing more than a concocted belief that ended up in a form that is nothing like the original? The Bible–the versions he chooses to use–is not even close in comparison to the earlier concoctions. Although, the writer will swear by the truths of his findings. Not only that, he will usually slander other Christians by dissecting their versions of the Bible, beliefs and practices, and make his findings somehow superior to theirs. It’s interesting to me. How can someone find themselves to be right when the whole premise of the blog is based on a belief that, in fact, cannot be proven?

He and I had a discussion pertaining to this once, and he flat out said that the religion he adheres to is his, “hope,” and I took it as he “hopes” that the Judeo-Christian religion, as well as the supposed written accounts of Jesus, the Apostles and whatever version of the Bible he is reading, IS the truth. For him, it probably is. The problem I have with this is the “truth” is not the truth in so many ways. That truth is not even close to the truth that it was thousands of years ago. If he were to look at the history of the Roman Catholic Church, and how the Bible(s) he chooses to use ended up where they are in the Protestant, labeled, “reformative, error-free” version, he would soon change his view. But, unfortunately, many like he and his faithful followers, the stuff inside the box is not to be questioned, and it is the inerrant truth. If I were to present how the supposed words of Jesus, a man whom I do not know if truly existed because I wasn’t there, compared to the teachings of Hinduism and/or Buddhism, I would be a heretical and confused liar that rejects the deity of Christ, and God Himself for that matter.

The writer may or may not know that his blog had a lot to do with myself finally breaking away from a belief I never could really buy into. It was always weird trying to convince myself that being anxious and guilty was the way a beautiful and such intricate universe (God, Creator, force that cannot be fathomed or defined) would want a human to feel all of the time. This last sentence, if the man were to read it, would probably cause him to respond with something along the lines of, “God decides how things are, not us,” meaning the Bible decides. That box of answers to questions with no answer… Come again?

I sat outside with my wife last night and told her my belief, and I think she was a bit puzzled when I told her that I no longer adhere to any one religion, and that Christianity for me is just a man-made answer to the biggest question of our being. Luckily, we love each other unconditionally, unlike the majority of Christians.

Our head always seeks answers, and I am certain that I don’t know for certain what the conscious, creative force that seems to present itself in this space we are all in, really is. I refuse to act as if my ego is capable of such. Guaranteeing anything, such as a grand place in the sky that we go to after we die, to be judged; to be either sent to a eternal place of greatness or the burning lake…

Silly. It is so silly.

I will no longer try to convince myself that I am even close to a truth of what is running the show. The great intricacies within the human body, the plants and animals, our infinite universe and those things we may never see within it, is sure not found in a book written by men. To think that we as humans have it all figured out is an ignorance that has no justification. “Something to think about” is a extension of a collective ego, and it hinders many.

One thought on “No Guarantee

  1. Makes me think of this verse from the New International Version of the Bible

    “Many will say to me on that day, ‘LORD, LORD, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?’ Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’ – Matthew 7:22-23

    It would never occur to these modern day Pharisees that it could just possibly be people such as them that Jesus was talking about.

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