The Fallible Form We Know

The last few days have been a challenge, but isn’t that what this life is anyway?

Long story very short, the build up of intolerance towards a very unnecessary habit of another led to me going off on them. I had enough of an individual making fun of every person we are both acquainted with. The habit–one exactly like my own in the past–was effecting the whole environment we are both forced to coexist within. I tried very hard to get the message across to him before saying what I had said. In subtle ways I really tried to get him to think about the damage being caused.

The other parties involved understood my stance, but I’m not sure if the guy that received my verbal action did? We will see.

It had to be done. I was only disappointed with myself because of the manner in which I relayed the message. Although a person involved, one of the three, said that I was correct in everything I had said, even though derogatory.

I believe if one doesn’t get called out for their bull once in a while, then perhaps change may never be possible. I am so thankful, although I can honestly say I wasn’t at the time of being called out, that someone took the time to correct the destructive errors I was blind to. Many times, and I know from past experience with myself and through others, pulling the rug from beneath the feet of someone causes them to crash. Hard! Their forms of identification–in this case, making the fun a part of an identity–are such a huge part of what the ego was/is constructed of, and when it is threatened or destroyed, a person will often pout, go through an emotional rollercoaster ride, and spend much of their energy wondering what to do with it all.

There are two options: growth, or bitterness. That is my experience; the way I choose to describe the either/or. I can look at so many individuals I’ve known throughout my life and notice the hurt that was inevitably the catalyst for their actions of being disrespectful towards people who didn’t deserve it. Me being one of them, in both dispensing and receiving ends. In the current case, I hope the situation will lead to growth. Whatever eats at him inside–that reason of making such the effort of cutting everyone around him down–is really hurting him more than anyone else.

People grasp at a concept, or an identity for themselves utilizing all of the crap that goes through their heads. Inferiority, superiority, religions, things that stroke their egos, and so on. Grasping at something to place below their feet for stability. What does it do to the world, individually and collectively? What happens when someone yanks the carpet out from beneath their feet–that carpet they’ve worked so hard to construct?

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