Mr. Emotion

The sheer ridiculousness of the human mind has been the topic this evening.

Of course, the choice to read through WordPress followed sites led me to the writing here tonight. By choice, I’m unloading some harbored thoughts. It helps to get things out once in a while. Since no one else is here, and since the keyboard is, I am going to share my thoughts that pertain to the instability of emotions.

Yes, those stupid emotions of the human. My God, how stupid they are. And, for the record, the following is a rant that not only concerns the external, but the internal of myself.

It hit me early this morning after reading through a post within a followed site that the emotions are greatly intertwined when it comes to certain beliefs about the world and the realities each one of us experience. How does it make you feel? That is the question I was constantly faced with after reading the less than factual words that were before me. As I took on the question within myself, I was disgusted. It quickly occurred to me that although the human mind can be a marvelous and very useful tool, it can also be a more than destructive instrument. This post was about the Christian religion, and I suppose that is a big topic for me these days. Why I choose to read on the topic is certainly deep seated, for this whole damn blog of mine was rooted in it when it began. The whole God thing that absolutely threw me for a loop, I believed, had to be justified and held with great certainty as I went along. Spreading that great Gospel to the ends of the earth was the goal. I had to be a good Berean for the almighty Lord! It wasn’t until I realized that there is really no evidence for believing that mankind needs a Savior for sin that I began to look at other beliefs of the world. You see, like the post I had read, there was absolutely no other way in order for someone to know God. Everyone else outside of the status quo, “Christian view,” was wrong. Period. The post today was an exact replication of the view I had once held with great honor.

“Honor.” That word is probably the heart of what one should definitely welcome into their core when it comes to an attitude (an emotion) towards a god. Look at the facts and you will see how deeply ingrained the Bible and its content is within the Western world. It is kind of like burgers and fries–you can go anywhere here in America and find it. Yet, throughout the other parts of our world, Christianity is just one of many. What gets me, after all of the studying and fact checking, is just how ignorant people choose to be–they deliberately stay oblivious to many other ways of viewing a god, a religion, a belief or even a theory. Why? Because of a means to an end. People are completely satisfied with believing–based solely on the human emotion–that they have found an answer. They have found the answer to life, to God, to a way of seeing their loved ones after they no longer exist in this life, and the, “way, the truth and the life,” must certainly be the answer. Add on a dozen other Bible verses and it will pad the belief, ten-fold.

Good. We’re done. I’m secure. I’m safe. No more to think about.

Here’s the kicker: We all keep worrying and thinking about it! If you are a Christian, depending on which one (Catholic or Protestant), you then get to worry about being good enough for the great judge in the sky. You get to wonder if your faith is good enough, or perhaps if your faith and works are good enough; whether you are saved or not, whether you will end up in an eternal place of heavenly bliss or blistering hell, and then you get to beat yourself up, day in and day out, convincing yourself that you are a wretched, sinning, worthless hunk of flesh that is better off not being here at all. The emotions then paint a Picasso of self: Distorted, disfigured and full of things that are far from settling.

My hat is off to the sufferer. It must be an importance that has been imparted and imbedded within you from an early age; throughout the ages, I can guess. To be a person that can say, with great certainty (out of fear) that Christianity is the truth of God. As I look back on the day and see the reasonings within the post I had read today, I see the true nature of people like the writer. Like me. Like you. I see just how far we will go in order to keep our emotions at bay. The means to the end we all grasp at, differs. It seems as though we all need a way of making ourselves feel content within this crazy world we experience with our senses. What better way than believing that a man saved us from our own destruction? A man who understands.

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