Falling Back

The progression of the setting sun really had me realize just how much truth there is to only having the present moment, and all other moments only being in the thoughts we have.

Last night was a great experience here in the Ohio valley. The golden Autumn hue resided upon all of the magnificent colors that we find throughout Indiana. The reds and rusts are verily vivid when the glow of the setting sun hits the dying foliage…

Soon, as the plants bring their energy to the core, the leaves will fall to the ground. In the meantime, the colors they display are pleasing to the eye and soul. I give great thanksgiving to whatever created this natural splendor for the experience I was blessed to witness early in the evening of yesterday.

There was a moment while chasing the setting sun that I found myself with a feeling of unease.

It was such a beautiful sight for me. I’ve always appreciated the natural world. The golden sun this time of year is a reminder of so many moments in times before.

Times before. Those two words hold so much power when truly observed.

While I was driving away from the place the last photo was taken, the anxiety hit for a few seconds. As silly as it may seem to some, I became upset when thinking about the fact that the sun was disappearing. No longer could the pleasure of its radiance be embraced. This really disappointed me. Fortunately, and quickly, I then realized what was happening.

The truth of the matter occurred to me: I desired to have something that was no longer possible from where I was. If I could have traveled west at a much faster pace or had taken to the sky for higher elevation, then it would have been possible. I wanted to see more of the life sustainer we call the sun, but I didn’t get my way.

Shortly after having the thought, the practiced observation of the thought took its place. I then realized how much power the desires of our need for being somewhere else outside of the present can throw us into the game our mind loves to trick us into. The game of having us believe something must be, either as we believe it should be or as things were before in another time. When the golden Autumn color was dancing within the optical miracle I am blessed to have, each moment was spectacular. That felt good to me. I wanted that to continue. But when it ended, it was then that I became someone, not present.

It has been enlightening throughout the last several months. As I’ve reached a new place within the journey and have awoken to the reality of only having this present moment, and the knowing that all other moments are only in thought, I see this particular season–Autumn–in a much different way. All of those plants, the sun and thoughts I have; all of those wonderful memories of other days behind us; all of the ideals and anticipations; our abilities to plan and propagate; the way those things of nature and within the mind we are given, just as life gives us the imagery, should be embraced and enjoyed before the inevitable withering occurs. There is nothing in the world we know or in the cosmos that does not have its unique life span, and I truly believe that our damaging ability to coddle anything outside of the now will, many times, rob us of the beauty that is currently before us…

Even if that beauty is the inevitable death we are so fearful of. A death that occurs in all things.

4 thoughts on “Falling Back

  1. What a stunning post, Damon! I’ll keep going back to this when I need reminding of the gifts we’re given in the moment. Great photographs too and your header picture is such a good choice – children don’t need to be taught to live in the moment.
    Thank you, Damon, for such an inspiring post!

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  2. You’re welcome and thank you for the kind and inspiring words!
    Yes, I believe you truly grasp what I was trying to convey, and you also nailed the header picture! The more I embrace life, the more I understand death. Seeing all of the family and friends pass has recently been a gripping lesson for me personally. I had the thought of trying to rekindle a relationship with a friend from years ago as I was just waking the other morning, when I realized he died several months ago. So it is becoming more of a necessity to be kind for me, while we have the chance. Thanks for reading. Enjoy the week! ☺️


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