I’m Really Powerless Without Faith?

Wondering why it is so hard for people to accept the way things are outside of what they can change, and why they selfishly want “God” to change it, the following thoughts consume me.

What happened in the evolution of man? What convinced the world of needing a god with whiskers in the sky to look to for comforting? It seems to be a terrible question to ask in our midwestern American society. I look at all of the millions of people here in the U.S. and all over the planet, and observe a vast majority of them adhering to some form of Christianity. After reading a former post of mine, I’m Powerless Without Faith, I’m wondering just how the world pushed me into the category.

A journey began over four decades ago. Even though the life as I know it began way back then, I was convinced that it really didn’t begin until it was somehow united with a triune god several years ago. If you were to read the Powerless Without Faith post, you’d see the same quoted Bible words and essences shared by those millions of Christians all over the planet. With the Holy Word and Holy Spirit, we seemed to know just how weak and vulnerable we are without the big guy in the sky.

Unfortunately, this was just as destructive for me as the whole experience with the organized and institutionalized church. I now know why.

Denial, that’s why. I denied the truth. This may hurt your beliefs, so stop reading if you don’t want the hard truths.

The truth is not easy. People tend to take the path of least resistance. What better way to deal with emotions and things we cannot comprehend, or even things we cannot accept. The sinful world, according to the Bible, is now here because of the game in the Garden. There. We now have a reason for suffering. That was easy. Now, deny your sinful nature and walk in righteousness.

Let’s stop there for a second.

Outside of a belief I once had that derived solely from a chosen religion, there is no proof that any of the story of the Garden of Eden is true. Yet, one has to start there in order to adhere to the belief, that soon becomes one’s own truth, of being a person that has been damned from the beginning. My truth, never realized when I had the badge of a Christian belief, is that initial story of the Garden. It alone was the beginning of all suffering. I did it to myself.

I like facts and truth. All of the analyzing and truths I go over within myself, my occupations, the natural world and comprehended aspects of the limited universe, are ever changing and not left at any certain tied end. Things could change rapidly. Of course, there are some truths we can all come to know as the solid truth, but the point is I do not have to demand anything for myself. If I am to look at faith as a god that sits above all of humanity and creation, and pretend that he is keeping a record of all of my ways, and in the end will judge me, or won’t if I believe he sacrificed himself for himself, then it’s kind of like believing I will die if our cat eats its salmon again. It’s not tangible. It’s not evident.

What can happen within us all is the very thing the Bible doesn’t want us to have: The ability to accept the real world. The world and universe that is living and thriving for a period, then decaying and dying. Painful, hard as can be, blissful and peaceful. What the Bible doesn’t want me to know is how the mind creates the majority of pain; the majority of pleasure.

As reflected in the beginning of the I’m Powerless writing done a few years ago, the control of my belief in sin and the garden story took me away from the reality that I did begin to find through the writings of Eckhart Tolle and his truths about the power of thought. As a Christian knows, if you don’t find it in the Bible, you cast it into the fire where it belongs. I had to remove his teachings and insights. I had to put off a man’s ways, because God’s ways are not our ways. I couldn’t believe what a man wrote, even though humans wrote the Bible, too. Now that I can plainly observe the thoughts and emotions that come and go, I can now see how the self-induced suffering, through a belief in a story found in a book, had concocted a period of true suffering.

I won’t buy the religion anymore. All people ended up here, and no one can say why or how for certain, and we all have suffering—Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, and so on. All people. The faith in our own will to fight through the ups and downs is the only factual faith there is. Yet, millions love to throw in the towel and think it is a sin to deal with life.

2 thoughts on “I’m Really Powerless Without Faith?

  1. I understand where you are coming from. I have a different perspective. My faith does not limit me but it expands me. With organized religion being what it is I can understand how you feel. Fortunately for me the focus has been much more open and understanding of the fact that the myths in any faith have a message for us. I don’t have to believe that they are factual but there is something to be learned by exploring them. Faith can never be factual. You have grown so much since I first started reading your blog. I love it.

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