Little Me

Sometimes the thought of being me makes me cringe.

How many times have the streams of thoughts been focused on the many dimensions of me? Too many, that’s the number. It is so stupid anymore. I have these days of self analysis that leave me completely worn. One of those days being today. The thoughts that I observe are constantly being criticized by me today. I’ll blame it on being tired as hell. But it is always within days like today that I begin to question my life. Things like, should I be working somewhere else? Should I go to school again? Do I need the larger gross income in order to feel better about myself? Should I have been a better friend, or son? Should I believe in a damning god just because everyone else seems to? Should I stop caring so much about things like this when I’m tired?

Caffeine now…

So I think for the rest of the day I’ll just let the thoughts come and go and not let them control the outlook on the moments, because really, life is beautiful. It’s the mind that sometimes sucks.

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