Nature showed me the true definition of love.

I have been walking in nature for as long as I can remember. It always furnished a peace that wasn’t achievable in certain times throughout the life at home. Growing up with my grandparents, the neighborhood provided the safety for exploration. I could walk the creeks and trails of the wooded areas, climb rock faces at the quarry, fish the lakes and sit for hours in the undisturbed hideaways. What a blessing it was.

When the ugly life I was experiencing at home became too much, I would just go into nature. It never had anything to say that would hurt. It never spoke like my mother and father had chosen to, which a lot of the time was just a disgusting reflection of their inner torments. Of course, I didn’t know that at the time. I only knew that they hurt me in ways that they were oblivious to.

The sun was always the beginning of this love that I experienced. How warm it was. I’d seek it out at times as I’d wander. Basking in it with eyes closed. I guess I knew of meditation way before I knew what meditation could consist of? The mental clearing and disconnect from situations was achievable.

I thank the creative Maker for all of the purity I have been finding in nature. Yesterday was a reminder of truths for me personally. I listened to a woman rave over the joy she finds in her god, but that god demands things that she will flat out not do. So really, her god is the one she made for herself. I honestly tried that for a while. The whole ‘game’ for me became exhausting. That god never seemed to be a fit for the perfection found in nature. Without a fallen world, what those people say caused death and decay, how would nature multiply? The whole concept is as draining as mom and dad when I was growing up. The truth was more profound as I walked away from the echoes of her words yesterday. Nobody knows how this beauty arrived here, but people need an answer. I suppose it is the same type of need I have for keeping the purity of my awareness of being cut from the same cloth as the stillness I find in nature.

Love is found in the natural world, and I mean this not as a word or emotion. It is more of the essence. I have been fortunate in these current days. A connection has been made. It was never really grasped when I was younger while out in those areas around home. It was through an understanding of being a part of a whole–the entire whole; all in the universe and what the mind orchestrates–that I found the love. An essence that all things are part of. That truth has provided a peace that I can quickly find in the natural world.

In a coming day, we become the decay–it will provide for the life still on its way.

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