Rubbish. That is what the post was last night.

The Christian man pissed me off again last night. He is the one who I have been sort of obsessed with. He and I have had our differences over the years, and when I had shared the same religion, we always seemed to have a way of bunting heads. We were both set in our stubborn ways and the need to be right.

Visiting his blog throughout the last several months, I always see him prodding at the rest of the world–his subtle, yet cocky view of the lost world, falling apart because they are either not Christian enough, or Christian. It also bothers me to see him use the Bible to justify the blog, his view and his thinking. “I’m thinking,” he often states, has a way of cutting through me, because his thinking is sometimes narrow and affected by his conditioned mind.

The conditioning of the mind is not something that he is willing to discuss, for if he were he would have to lay aside many of the beliefs he adheres to as a Christian. The Holy Spirit has the control, as well as God’s will, and the outcome of his battle between the Spirit and the flesh is always butting heads like we had in the past.

Last night after reading some of his latest work, I found myself completely immersed in my negative emotions. I had written a post and after reading it again this morning, it was trashed. It was harsh and written from the egoic consciousness that takes the wheel when I read his posts. The post was not needed. It was directed towards the millions that claim the Bible is the truth of the god of the universe. In my personal disagreement, the post was drawn up while lost in the emotions.

The conditioned mind has dragged me through a very tough and damaging instance once again. I’ve been completely beside myself while choosing to dwell upon the reasoning behind the Christians and their weird religion. I suppose I just don’t understand why they constantly uphold their god of torture and suffering, which somehow translates into the love “He” has for his people. Strange. I just don’t see Jesus as the same one they do, because I know that the Roman Catholic Church really screwed up his message. All Christians these days seem to overlook the fact that their Bibles are contaminated with Rome’s conditioning, just like the brain’s conditioning. Hey, we can believe whatever we like, and the conditioning of that mind of ours can really have us believing strange things. I keep gravitating towards garbage because of my own conditioning and producing rubbish that only adds to the heap!

Maybe more people should stop and think about why they think about the things they do, and what they do with those things. How they arrived where they are. Is some of what we do (based on our polluted thought patterns) really doing any good for the place we all share?

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