Do The Animals Compare Like Humans?

I sometimes hold the kitties to the mirror just to see what their reaction will be. It usually goes down in a way that is not like my own. A short glance is all that I see them do. Maybe they see themselves? Maybe they see another cat? Don’t know. I can’t ask, and we don’t speak the same language.

The new way of seeing the man in the mirror since all of the social media crap took over has done a number. Far from a story of Narcissus–it is now ingrained. Would I even have a Facebook page or a website, or even write on a blog if the mirror was never hung on the wall all of those years ago?

There was always a desire to compare. Even before I could think for myself. Mommy loved to dress me up in stupid outfits and live vicariously through her baby. When school started, academics and recognition just escalated a desire to become more than the next. I suppose falling in love with oneself was inevitable. Then we get to play the game for the rest of our lives. Mommy did what mommy learned, and son did what he was told.

The whole damn world is in this race to be something other than what the cat sees in the mirror. I wish that I was a cat, or a dog, or maybe a toad on a log.

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