You Win

It has been in my head lately that most people have a desire to one up the universe.

The natural flow of things is somewhat difficult to put into words in context to what I mean by the desire to get it over on the universe. Simplistically, I can say that humans need to feel comfortable while facing the unknown. I thought about this all week after listening to Alan Watts talk about the very topic. It’s intriguing. He talks about the difference in the way the overall Eastern and Western cultures differ in their religions, beliefs, ways of life and so on, and he had a particular way of describing how the Westerners look at life as though, as he calls it, a “daddy god,” is always looking over his children judging while recording his findings in a little black book. After studying a belief system, one I once had tried to give my all to, I found the resemblance to old myths. It dissolved the supremacy of the Jesus character in so many ways. It was kind of like the Bible was a fabricated handbook for the ignorant. I couldn’t keep ignoring the comparative pre-Christian mythology and the uncanny similarities. The straw that broke the camel’s back was my following of the so-called prophets on social media. Not one of them proved their worthiness, for their prophesying failed not once, but every time. That, and I have never, ever, seen a difference in the “Holy Spirit” guidance and good judgment derived from falling face first in the piles of dung of my past; the lessons learned. Yet, the people need the Godhead, for a number of reasons. Mostly because they can’t deal with their desires to do things that result in pain. That, and I believe they want a second chance, and Jesus delivers the perfect life after the imperfect one here.

Mr. Watts tells of how different Eastern religions and ways have no resemblance to the West and their beliefs of a controlling, yet loving god. A supreme ruler. He has taught me things that make a lot of sense. What I do see is Jesus, if he was a real person saying those things in the Bible, being a man–only a man– who indubitably knew of the Eastern religions/beliefs and their teachings. He told the Jews in a Jewish dialogue the fundamental ways of living outside of what the mind can have one convinced of–the primal urge to go against the very essence of the universe, or in other words, the fight against papa God. Sin. The devil inside. Mr. Watts can put it into words much better than I can, but he delivers a detailed reasoning that I’ve seemed to feel was valid far before I ran across his YouTube audio in recent months. Whatever this fight between us and it is, I can no longer say is a fight between a little devil and a just, supreme daddy figure. I don’t know, and that works. I just believe we think, or don’t, and reap what we sow. The ups and downs and the slow decay is simply inevitable.

I don’t know why people try so desperately to one-up the unknown. Why must people give definition to the “real deal?” Is it the East that knows? the West? I don’t know, and neither really do either. It is just a belief and a device that people have to possess, but there is nothing that says it is what the universe has given. It is what man has pulled out of their minds, over and over, year after year, generation after generation. Mankind loves to one up the next. I find so much comfort in not playing the game. It allows me to be a creative human with many different sides, and I’m finding most of those sides are filled with pleasant result. I just can’t adhere to one certain set of uncertainties just because I believe I know better than the rest.

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