A Bigger Picture

I stood in the living room and observed the details within our family photos. The memories were all there. Some distorted and forgotten. Many smiles had arrived. It was the jar of seashells from Florida and the two photos from different trips to Gatlinburg that made me feel the gratitude for all that life offers us. The photos from our wedding and the joy within the faces of our parents had a way of exposing the love we all have for each other. There is a shot of myself at about two or three years of age between my grandparents on their sofa. I swear I can remember that period of time being one of the most joyous times, as well as one of the scariest. There is a flat bowl of river rocks from the mountains sitting near our photos. I recall the happiness the kids, my wife and I had shared on that day. We loved the moment.

I even stared at the dust and cat hair as the morning light was hitting the front of our home and casting its rays through the front entry. It also brought out a smile. I was appreciative of all of the things that are not uniform, and straight. Each part of our natural world is full of imperfections, and my God, it is so beautiful. Humans try so hard to straighten everything out with a hope of finding a more gratifying result. I don’t mean things shouldn’t be maintained and cleaned, no, I just mean that all of the things before us are part of us. Those little dust particles and the hair from our two cute kitties are a part of me. Just as much of a part of me as the walk along the beach on that morning, collecting the unique seashells, or the aerial tramway ride my wife and I had taken over the Autumn treetops in the mountains that year. I wouldn’t be me without all that is here and all that was there.

It is the moments and memories that keep us alive. I watched a captivating video a few days ago that delivered a message that still makes me tear up when I watch it. The elderly people tell simple stories about the life gone by and how they enjoy their current lives through memories and the obvious pleasure of just existing within each moment that unfolds. I encourage everyone to watch the last post titled Wisdom to Share on my blog. Just looking at those old faces and hearing the stories of their personal lives has a deep message, if one looks for it. We are all the same–dying slowly, and all we have is these little moments and memories. We have what the senses bring to us and what we give back to the world in which we live. Somehow it all makes sense today…

We are all part of the whole, and it is magnificent! Let’s enjoy it while it is here. Embrace the lovely things in life so that the crippling inevitable challenges are handled well.

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