On Earth as It Is in Heaven

There has been a lot of thoughts of dying within the past few weeks. It happens from time to time. I suppose it began many years ago when my grandma passed. It had me face the real fact of it. There were probably others that had died before her, and the dog I had when I was a boy that was struck by a car, I remember it being difficult. It was seeing my grandma lying in the hospital with the family standing around saying their goodbyes that, to this day, still makes me stop and think about the reality of us all being here one day and the next, not here.

I don’t know what to think about an afterlife. I don’t really care to think about all of that. If a hope is what people need in a place that is eternal, that’s good for them. I get it. There is only a now for me. The greatest realization I’ve ever had has been the insight of only being in the now, and how it is the mind that takes me away from it. A rescue destination, such as a heaven, it is not something that is obtainable, unless you simply believe in something there is no evidence for.

I heard a man say that heaven is here, and how we experience that is by seeing the beauty before us. That is what I tend to agree with. When grandma was here, I put the flour on my hands and helped her roll out the dumplings. We would rise up very early and watch the old black and white movies on her back porch, and as the sun would rise, we watched the birds outside the windows. She gave me books to read, and her warm spirit comforted me when we sang those simple songs together. That was our heaven. There was no place to go in order to find it. Memories of her in the now, well, they impart joy as I sit here, enjoying the low horn music. Heaven is now.

Death is a beautiful thing for the person who dies, but it is hard for those left here. I want to see those many people again at times. I guess that’s why people have such hope in an afterlife. It has been a necessity lately to just try to make the now as heavenly as possible.

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