Foul Taste

A comment I had heard yesterday had me thinking about the way I’ve looked at others throughout the majority of my life. That way being with quick judgment, very unfair judgment. It was evident to me based on the wording he used to describe another–one man had spoken to another in a manner that was imperious, even though he had no right to tell the other how to approach a specific situation. He attempted to make the other feel small and not capable of achieving a certain goal. As I had told my acquaintance about this situation, he commented, saying that the man who was being tyrannical can’t even get his own shit together. I understood. We are both familiar with the many flaws this individual has, yet he continuously chooses to attempt to bring others to their knees. Yes, he attempts, but like the man on the receiving end of the brutality I had experienced yesterday, it failed to affect him. He laughed it off because he too knows how ridiculous the man is, and again, how constant his own failures are.

It had a way of teaching me something about myself as the time went by throughout the evening. The whole situation reiterated the voice of my own introspect. I’ve been over this before, but how easy it is to give into the old habit of being the same proud jerk I was for many years. It’s funny really, this game I play with myself. Gotta be a better person! But I’m finding that kindness has been such a good thing for everyone, especially after looking at the deaths of others in my life in recent months. Family and friends. It hit me hard after I had said some insulting words to a man whom I had known, who suddenly died in a freak accident. I couldn’t take the words back. You know what I mean? He didn’t deserve that, just like the man didn’t deserve to be subjected to dictatorship yesterday. Especially because the jerk has three fingers pointing back at him while he was pointing his guilty finger.

Take some time before speaking to think about what you say to people and how you say it. It could be the last words you say to them.

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