I Choose Happiness

My mother and I sat down to our weekly lunch meetup at the local diner. Her bad news was even worse than the last time we had met up. For a woman pushing seventy, she is not that happy about her soon to be finalized divorce. There is nothing we can do for my mom. She has to handle the days as they go. She fell and really did a number to her hip, and as she told me the story, she had said that her elderly sister was trying to help her up as two men didn’t even acknowledge their efforts as they walked by. She was teary as she continued to tell me about the life she has grown tired of.

I have a relative whom is on the outs with his wife. He is doing all that he can to understand how the woman who says she loves him is considering divorce. All that we could do was listen and encourage him with positive things and reassure him of his own value. His strengths, while mourning over the heartache, are very hard to embrace.

There was a guy yesterday telling me about the unfortunate health issue of his dog. The veterinarian had talked him into not having it put down, even though there are certain things that the steroids they gave her are only masking. The pain and suffering will soon return to the pooch. The man’s wife is now upset with him for not having the dog put down, and because of this, the man and woman have cancelled their plans of attending a celebration this weekend, because of a disagreement that pulls at the heartstrings. They have to carry on the differences between them and miss out on a good time.

It has been a realization for me, and I am grateful for it, that all things in this life are imbalanced. The term, only meaning that our lives are inevitably going to be both good and bad, is just a word for describing the everyday challenges within and without. I had told my mom only selective things the other day at lunch. Instead of the positive suggestions I normally put out there after listening to her negative view of the situations in her personal world, I just listened to her talk. We moved on and spoke of positive things, which I had led us into, but the difference was I did not correct her behavior with the topics discussed. I just spoke like a friend instead of a teacher. People who are hurting don’t need the harsh reality speech. Sometimes they just need an ear and a smile.

Learning from a man 100-plus years old, I’ve come to the conclusion that an effort must be made in order for others and myself to have a thing called joy. His words of just wanting to “be helpful and keep going” made an impact the other day. It aided in a perspective that has been lingering in many different ways within the last year or so. People are hurting in their own ways. What I need to do is be kind, and really that’s it. It doesn’t mean that people are allowed to walk on me, but the true joy of life is offering up kindness. The more I do this, the better days become. Looking into the other and understanding that they too are always teetering has given me new eyes to see, and through them I see more beauty than before.

2 thoughts on “I Choose Happiness

  1. What an inspiring post !!! The words ” I just spoke like a friend instead of a teacher. People who are hurting don’t need the harsh reality speech. Sometimes they just need an ear and a smile ” really spoke to me.

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